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Other than the Sens picking up Curtis McElhinney off of waivers, it's business as usual for the Lightning. Stevie Y believes in his team and stayed quiet at the trade deadline. Next game is Wednesday against New Jersey.]]>
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Lightning take season series with Rangers http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-take-season-series-with-rangers.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-take-season-series-with-rangers.html

I love this photo so much.

So todays game was both great and pointed out some serious flaws with the Lightning.

Let start with the good:
-sweeping the season the series over the Rangers was awesome
-winning the first game of the roadtrip after the long homestand we've had was a great way to head into the final stretch of games
-Lecavalier continued to put up points with a PPG

And now the flaws:
-letting in ANOTHER shorthanded goal
-our powerplay looks like sh-t
-Dubinsky was able to outwork whoever the Lightning put against him in the faceoff circle
-let me reiterate, our special teams sucks so hard

But we're moving on to the next game which is on Wednesday in New Jersey.

But obviously, tomorrow is trade deadline day. The official deadline for trades is at 3pm ET. You can catch me on twitter tomorrow (I'll be tweeting under my Benched Whale account), and I'll have some thoughts up on the blog tomorrow midway through the day, and again at the end of the day when the day is over.

It will be interesting to see what Yzerman does with his first trade deadline day. Will he want to add in another defenceman (because we always need one) or another forward (he did just send down Harju, no? But then again Malone will be back in a few weeks....) or does he stand pat and try not to ruin team chemistry? I personally think he needs to make a move, for a defenceman in particular, because I believe that a team need to carry 8 defencemen into the playoffs in case of injury. Obviously doing well this year is a bit of a surprise being that this is Yzerman's first year as a GM, but you never know if you are going to get as good as a chance ever again.

So defenceman? Go get me a defenceman Yzerman.]]>
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Lightning do some minor shuffling http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-do-some-minor-shuffling.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-do-some-minor-shuffling.html
Here is what has happened so far according to
What does this mean?

With Smith clearing waivers yesterday, it was useless to keep McElhinney as well. He'll be sent to the minors until he becomes a UFA this summer. As I said before, his acquisition was more of a salary dump of Ellis since he still had another year on his contract rather than for McElhinney's services. As for sending Harju down to Norfolk, well it gives Yzerman some room if he were to acquire a forward through a trade or a pickup from the waiver wire]]>
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Game 60 Preview: New Jersey in Tampa http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/game-60-preview-new-jersey-in-tampa.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/game-60-preview-new-jersey-in-tampa.html Enemy Blog: Head over to Running with the Devils for your opposition blog coverage

Record: Lightning (35-18-7) Devils (26-30-4)

Game time: 7:30pm EST on SUN (HD) and on the radio at 620 WDAE

Free Stuff: First 2,500 fans in Lightning gear get.....A THUNDERBUG SOAP DISPENSER!!!!

Tonight's game is the last game in our 12 game homestand. It's our third of the four game's we'll play against the Devils who have pretty much had the Lightnings' number all season. But the Lightning have a tough game tonight as the Devils have been 16-1-2 since January 9th when they beat the Lightning. Their goaltender Johan Hedberg has had seven straight wins, and two shutouts in his last 3 starts. This has the making for a terrible game to watch.

The Lightning are still riding their high of winning over the Coyotes 8-3. Purcell got his first NHL hat trick, and our captain had a huge 5 point night. The bench looks a little different, as Dan Ellis has now been traded to Anaheim, so we'll have Curtis McElhinney or Mike Smith (if he clears waivers) as back-up on the bench.

Line-up Notes:

  • Lightning injuries: Ryan Malone, Mike Lundin and Matt Smaby (day-to-day with flu-like symptoms)
  • Devils' injuries: Zach Parise, Bryce Salvador, Matt Taormina and Matthew Corrente (as I wrote this I wondered who are those last two guys?)

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When the system needs a change http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/when-the-system-needs-a-change.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/when-the-system-needs-a-change.html NHL should be terrified of the concussion that Sidney Crosby is suffering right now.

While not everyone likes Crosby, in fact many of you love to hate him, he is one of two of the most recognizable faces in hockey right now (not that I have to remind of you of that). And since January the 5th, when the Lightning played against the Pens in Pittsburgh, his face has been missing from hockey. Outside of that Tim Horton's commercial which I have seen a ridiculous amount due to the Heritage Classic, we have not seen highlights or interviews from Sidney Crosby. Some of you might be happy with that, but if we think of the sport as larger than our individual likes/dislikes of different players, we can see the NHL has lost of their most important marketing tools to grow the sport.

Who knows if it was the hit from David Steckel or the hit from Victor Hedman that caused the concussion, in the end, we are still left with Crosby suffering through an injury to his brain. That's a big deal that I don't think many people grasp. We just use say 'oh this player is out with a concussion...' but do we really know what that means? Do we grasp how serious a brain injury is? If you've had one, maybe you do, but I find that the seriousness of the injury seems to have lost its impact with the word being used so casually.

Click here to

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Lightning trade Dan Ellis for Curtis McElhinney http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-trade-dan-ellis-for-curtis-mcelhinney.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-trade-dan-ellis-for-curtis-mcelhinney.html traded Dan Ellis to the Anaheim Ducks for goalie Curtis McElhinney.

The key to this deal for the Lightning is that it frees up cap space for next year as Ellis still has 1 more year on his contract while McElhinney is a UFA.


Aaaannn Mike Smith has been called up through waivers according to Cristodero. We'll know by noon tomorrow (Friday) if he clears at half price
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Lightning end Coyotes win streak - Lightning 8, Coyotes 3 http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-end-coyotes-win-streak-lightning-8-coyotes-3.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-end-coyotes-win-streak-lightning-8-coyotes-3.html

Tonight was a big win over the Coyotes 8-3. The Lightning snapped their three game losing streak and ended the Coyotes' 7 game win streak tonight at the St. Pete Times Forum. Steven Stamkos may have five games without a goal, but ended that drought with a goal and an assist tonight. That puts Stamkos up to 41 goals on the season and within 1 point of Daniel Sedin in the points race.

But tonight was about Teddy Purcell being a beast with his first career hat trick. This is a guy that we acquired in a trade last year that I thought would have just eventually washed out of the league based on what Kings fans had to say about him after the trade last year. But this ugly guy is having a career year in Tampa with his 15 goals and 24 assists so far. Huge game for him tonight.

Tonight's game also had scoring on the powerplay (three of them) and goals from the big three. It's been a while since our special teams has worked as well as it did tonight. Of course, tonight's win had a lot to do with Phoenix being tired. They came flew in after a game that they won in overtime against Philly and were a tired team because of it. The big thing that you have to give credit to the Lightning for is taking advantage of Phoenix's fatigue by coming out strong in the first period.]]>
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Lightning Jersey Version 2.0 http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-jersey-version-20.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-jersey-version-20.html press release issued this afternoon.

The changes:
1. They will re-introduce the black colour to the home and road jerseys as a trim colour
2. The will have a white Lightning bolt on the side of the blue pants instead of the white stripe

Here's what they will look like:

So is this enough? I think fans will be happy about the bolt on the pants, but its seems the 'black trim colour' is really negligible, no?

The team also stated in the release that it will also wear it's current third jersey (BOLTS) at some select home games next year.]]>
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Lightning acquire defenceman Eric Brewer http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-acquire-defenceman-eric-brewer.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/lightning-acquire-defenceman-eric-brewer.html Eric Brewer has agreed to waive his no trade clause for a trade to Tampa Bay.

Updates later as to what is going to St. Louis for him as well as some thoughts.

So I intended to write this sometime during my work day yesterday, but work was crazy yesterday and I haven't had access to a computer until now. I still won't be without my actual laptop until tomorrow morning and let me tell you how hard it is NOT to be able to write about something when you want to.

Thoughts 24 hours after:

The official deal yesterday was Eric Brewer to Tampa for a third-round draft pick in 2011 and the rights to prospect Brock Beukeboom.

The Lightning who did need to upgrade their defence going into the playoffs get a 31 year old defenceman that will be a UFA at the end of the season. It was Brewer who chose to waive his no trade clause for the Lightning, which tells you he thought we would be the best fit for him if he wanted to play for a Stanley Cup contending team. For the Blues, this will give them cap space, a prospect and a pick.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
"Just the fact that (the Blues) were inquiring and wanted to have some dialogue about a possible move ...," Brewer said. "I think in the end, you just want to make a good decision for everyone and put yourself in a really good spot to play hockey for a long time. Playing in Tampa will certainly change that this year."

The Lightning didn't give up much for Brewer. They gave up a third round pick and a player that has already had his second concussion this season.

Last summer, Laura of Thrashing the Blues had said that Brewer should be on his was out of the team this year. On Thursday, several writers the St. Louis Post Dispatch had already identified Brewer as the obvious guy to get traded from the Blues due to his age, and upcoming UFA status. Then on Friday he gets traded.

Brewer was originally drafted by the New York Islanders in 1997, was traded to the Edmonton Oilers in 2000 and then to the Blues in 2005 (in the deal that sent Pronger to Edmonton). He has played 6 years with the Blues, and has been plagued by injuries over the years.

In 2008 he was named team captain, but this decision still doesn't seem to sit well with Blues fans. If you think his captaincy means he had lots of leadership, well it may not necessarily come with it as he earned the nickname 'Brewerbot' as some fans have taken to "calling him a robot based on his emotionless body language and lack of facial expressions on the ice combined with his seemingly quiet demeanor off it" -St. Louis Game Time

This season he has 8 goals and 14 points in the 54 games he's played. From what I've read on twitter, this past season he's had a really strong year for himself.

I don't really care if he is a robot. Maybe he just need a good friend named Watson or something to bring out his good side. But in the end, since we have a ton of leadership in our dressing room already, this is works because the Lightning have a need. Our need is a better defence, and with Brewer, it already looks better heading into the playoffs.]]>
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Game 58 Preview: Detroit in Tampa http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/game-58-preview-detroit-in-tampa.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/february/game-58-preview-detroit-in-tampa.html yzerman_gmpress.jpg

Enemy Blog: Head over to Nightmare on Helm Street for your opposition blog coverage

Record: Lightning (34-17-6) Red Wings (34-16-6)

Game time: 7:30pm EST on SUN (HD) and on the radio at 620 WDAE

Free Stuff: First 15,000 fans in Lightning gear get a Rally Drum. Think about that for a second: THEY ARE GIVING AWAY DRUMS!!!

Tonight's game will be no easier than Tuesday's game was. The former team of Steve Yzerman (obligatory reference) have a similar record to us (we have one more loss), have the same amount as points as us, and are in the same position in their conference. So it's going to be another tough game tonight.

After fleeing the home nest in Detroit, Yzerman, who modeled his own team after the Wings is looking to put get a win over his old team. Yzerman will no doubt try to down play this game as just 'another game' (oh wait he already did here) but you can bet that he wants to win this one. It's like the student going up against the Jedi master.

The only key to the game tonight is: don't make mistakes. Because the Red Wings capitalize on those mistakes so well, and even when half of their team is out with injury, they still will beat you with their game. F-ck I hate Detroit so much.

Quote going into the game:
"I don't think we should make any bigger deal than necessary about the game.  I'm not the coach and obviously I'm not a player playing the game. First of all we're trying to win every game, and two, we're playing against one of the best teams in the league and it's a good test to see how we can hold up against (Pavel) Datsyuk and (Henrik) Zetterberg and see if we can penetrate, when healthy, the best defense in the league in my opinion.  I'm looking forward to it from that perspective -- how do we match up against one of the best teams in the league." --Steve Yzerman to the Detroit Free Press

Beat those drums and Go Bolts!

Line-up Notes:

Your pre-game reading links:

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