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Record: Lightning (16-17-3) Hurricanes (13-20-6)
Previous games: October 7 - Lightning 5, Hurricanes 1, November 1 - Lightning 2, Hurricanes 4
Game time: 5:00pm on SUN (HD)

The Lightning hope to close out the year and this homestand with a win tonight over the Hurricanes. They've won two games in a row so far and embarque on a three game Canadian city road trip next week.

This is the last time I'll have to call the arena the St. Pete Times Forum, as of tomorrow we're switching over to the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

Tonight's pre-game festivities will start at 4:30 when the team will unveil a life-sized bronze statue of Phil Esposito in the West Plaza. Honouring this co-founder of the team, will start the 20th anniversary year for the team.

The team will be again without Hedman which will be tough for the D again. Thompson is expected to make his return during the upcoming roadtrip, but with Hedman, the team is still saying nothing about him. This is not great news, the longer this goes on the more bleak his injury seems.

Garon gets another start in net, and with the games all evenly spaced out for the roadtrip, the job is his to lose now. Aside from the bomb in San Jose, he's been pretty solid in net.

Go bolts

Line-up Notes:

  • Garon will get the start in goal
  • Hedman, Thompson and Shannon are all out with injury
  • Evan Oberg is a healthy scratch
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Video: Boucher talks about Lightning fans post-game http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/video-boucher-talks-about-lightning-fans-post-game.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/video-boucher-talks-about-lightning-fans-post-game.html

What a post-game by Boucher. So earnest when he talks about the fans who came out to tonight's game and the game against Philly]]>
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Game 36: Lightning 4, Habs 3 http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/game-36-lightning-4-habs-3.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/game-36-lightning-4-habs-3.html

I'm not sure what I'm more surprised at:

That Montreal blew a 3-1 lead? Or the Lightning came back from being down 3-1 to win 4-3?

Recap after the jump...
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Game 36: Habs in Tampa http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/game-36-habs-in-tampa.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/game-36-habs-in-tampa.html twitterdec292011.JPG

That's the update regarding the Malone vs. Hartnell thing from last game.

Enemy Blog: Head over to Habs Eyes on the Prize for your opposition blog coverage

Record: Lightning (15-17-3) Habs (14-16-7)

Previous games this season: None

Game time: 10:30pm on SUN and RDS

John at RC calls this game a yearly right of passage. The annual Christmas game against some Canadian team whose loud, boisterous fans invade the arena. Giddy up for some ole-ing.

Both teams are struggling. The habs have fired their coach and their assistant coach, but their GM still has a job. Considering he traded for Kaberle, you gotta say, how the hell does he still have a job?

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Video: Brett Connolly WJC goal against Czechs http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/video-brett-connolly-wjc-goal-against-czechs.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/video-brett-connolly-wjc-goal-against-czechs.html
Here is Brett Connolly's goal that made the score 3-0:

What a goal by Connolly. Nice pass and just walked in past the Czech D.

Boucher needs to put him on a line that can score.

For a better version, go here to view it on TSN's video player

After the jump is video of Connolly in an interview for Team Canada

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Hartnell vs. Malone - He said, she said http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/hartnell-vs-malone-he-said-she-said.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/hartnell-vs-malone-he-said-she-said.html Darren Dreger's twitter:

Ongoing investigation into last nights altercation near Lightning bench. Could be fines, warnings or nothing. Not a lot of video evidence.

Not a lot of video evidence? Was this game not being filmed by HBO?

If there is a fine, as we learned from when Downie jumped off the bench, it will most likely be the max fine of $2,500.

But the question is what actually happened?

From Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News:

“I was there at the TV timeout, on the left wing, and I was right in front of the bench. Their coach [Guy Boucher] looked up and started yapping at me,” Hartnell told the Daily News. “I was just sitting there, not doing anything. Then, two guys started slashing me from the bench. I just kind of pushed their sticks out of the way. I ended up getting 10 minutes for really nothing. I've never seen a coach start yelling at an opposing player from the bench for just standing there.”

Hartnell said he didn’t know what Boucher was saying because he could not understand him.”

Riiiight Hartnell. It was all Guy Boucher.

Via Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune, here is what Malone said about the game:

"It was a weird game,'' Malone said. "I just think (Hartnell) was standing too close to our bench, I think ... it reminded me of (the movies) "Slap Shot'' or "Youngblood'' or something. I didn't know what was going on.''

These references finally make sense to me since I (finally) watched for the first time both Slap Shot and Youngblood this Christmas weekend. More updates later on the situation if anything comes out of it.

Update at 4:00pm:

Tweet from @renhockey:


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Game 35: Lightning 5, Flyers 1 http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/game-35-lightning-5-flyers-1.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/game-35-lightning-5-flyers-1.html

Stamkos nets two goals to tie Gaborik for the league lead in goals. Who still lets Stamkos set up shop at the left circle all by himself?

Apparently the Flyers.

Recap after the jump...

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Game 33: Lightning in San Jose http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/game-33-lightning-in-san-jose.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/game-33-lightning-in-san-jose.html sharks_april29_redwings.jpg

Enemy Blog: Head over to Couchtarts for your opposition blog coverage

Record: Lightning (14-16-2) Sharks (17-10-3)

Previous games this season: None

Game time: 10:30pm on SUN

I'm not sure how cat pee works, but the ladies at Couch Tarts says that it has wondrous powers. Brew some coffee because it's going to be a late start...

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Game 32: Lightning in Columbus http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/game-32-lightning-in-columbus.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/game-32-lightning-in-columbus.html vinnyprospal.jpg

Enemy Blog: Head over to Light The Lamp and CBJ Blog for your opposition blog coverage

Record: Lightning (13-16-2) Blue Jackets (9-18-4)

Previous games this season: None

Game time: 7:00pm EST on SUN

More coaches fired! Today Montreal fired Jacques Martin with Randy Cunneyworth stepping in as interim head coach. Yet Columbus who is the worst team in the league still hasn't fired Scott Arniel?

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Darren Dreger's Mailbag: Lecavalier's mammoth contract http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/darren-dregers-mailbag-lecavaliers-mammoth-contract.html http://www.lightninghockeyblog.com/2011-articles/december/darren-dregers-mailbag-lecavaliers-mammoth-contract.html this is how Darren Dreger responded to this question about the Lightning:

Hi Darren,

What is going to be done to fix the falling Lightning?

Gino Doucette

A: Gino, tough question. At the moment, defence and goaltending appear to be Tampa Bay's biggest issues, although I'm not willing to throw Dwayne Roloson under the bus.  He's a fiercely competitive guy who may not be able to handle a full season at this stage of his dimming career, but I trust there is still enough in the tank to help stabilize his team.  Defensively, the Lightning aren't good enough, but because of the big contracts this team has to contend with, fixing the holes in season is tough to do. Lecavalier's mammoth term and salary obviously haunts this organization, largely because he's closer to a third line player now than a game-breaker. And as well as Tampa Bay did last season, their success was based more on riding momentum then it was the pure readiness of this franchise to move to the next level. There are still a few growing pains the Lightning have to push through, but they are well coached, well managed and have a great stable of young players.


So how far off is Dreger? Or is he right on?]]>
thevancitycanuck@gmail.com (Dani Toth) December Sat, 17 Dec 2011 20:53:03 +0000