Written by Dani Toth | 09 January 2010

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Wait, there was a game tonight? Because clearly the Lightning didn't show up tonight.

  • Shots were 18 for the Lightning, and 31 for Philly
  • The Lightning took 6 penalties and though penalties are to be expected when playing Philly, but they were mostly stupid penalties like tripping, hi-sticking and hooking penalties

Game 43 will resume tomorrow night in NJ at 6pm. The game will start right at the point where it left off with the Lightning with the 3-0 lead.

And here's a link for some reading before tomorrow night's game, check out Raw Charge's Best Tampa Bay Lightning Line Combinations of the Past Decade. I chose the MVP line of Prospal, Lecavalier and St. Louis, and you can check out my reasons why if you check out John's post, DOOO IT.

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Written by Dani Toth | 08 January 2010


The Lightning game is on pause due to a lighting failure.

With 9:12 left in the 2nd period and just 44 seconds after Steven Stamkos' goal, the lights went out in the Devils end. After more than 2 hours, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman decided to postpone the game. The announcement was made at 10:07 PM ET. According to TSN, the game will resume at the point where play was stopped.

Since both teams play tomorrow night, they really couldn't wait that long to fix the problem. The Lightning will now travel to Philadelphia for tomorrows game. Tocchet wants the game to resume on Sunday, provided that the building would be available, but no decision has been made yet. The last time this occurred was on Nov 22, 2005 when Jiri Fischer had a seizure on the bench.

The Lightning had seven shots, and three of them were goals. Downie deflected Foster's shot on a powerplay in the first period. Bochenski and Stamkos scored in the second period.

So the Lightning game tonight was literally lights out.

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Written by Dani Toth | 06 January 2010

After a few days off, the Lightning begin a short 3 game roadtrip with a date with the Sabres tonight. They'll be facing off with two teams with the best goalies in the East finishing off with a back to back game against a team that got their goalie off of waivers, should be a fun trip.

Enemy blog: Check out Vance over at Double Edged Sabres

This is the second meeting between the two teams. The Sabres (26-11-4) have won the last four straight games and look to continue tonight. NHL's second star of the week, Mike Smith has now won four of his last six stars, and he's started six in a row.

But tonight, the team will be against a goalie who I think has been the best goalie so far of the 2009-2010 season, Ryan Miller. According to the Lightning official preview, the Sabres have been outshot 62-20 in the opening period of the last 5 games, and they still came out with four wins, that says that Miller was the one who kept them in the game.

The Lightning will face a tough game tonight if Miller is playing his best tonight.

Line-up Notes:

  • Halper and Fedoruk are still out
Game time: 7:00pm ET on SUN no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 03 January 2010

Hope you all had a great new years, I know I did. I'm lazy, and don't think I'm going to recap this game.

Want a recap? The Pensblog wrote one

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Written by Dani Toth | 03 January 2010

I know, I'm behind here but I'm catching up from a weekend away from the computer...


Pittsburgh, PA native Ryan Malone has been named to Team USA by Brian Burke.

That makes him the 5th Lightning to be named to an Olympics team and this will be his first Olympic experience. He has played in two WHC previously, in 2004 and 2006, winning bronze in 2004 (the Lightning website says he won it in 2006, but they are wrong, FAIL). Malone, who comes in at the age of 30 will be looked at for leadership with 13 of the players of Team USA are under the age of 25.

After being named to the team, he said:

“I think it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience,”

“I am proud to represent my country and I look forward to seeing what we can do as a part of Team USA. It’s a great personal opportunity and an honor for any athlete, one I take seriously.”

I'll see you in Vancouver Bugsy...and I'll try not to hate you...too much

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Written by Dani Toth | 31 December 2009

No Lightning players made the Team Canada roster. Though leading up to the announcement, the only player based on his performance that was still in contention of making the team was Martin St. Louis. Lecavalier's season was not Olympic worthy, and it has been said that he is not a favorite Yzerman based on his style of play (said Jeff Marek on the Kurtenblog radio show a couple of weeks ago). Stamkos had an excellent start and even played himself into being one of the names that was talked about but in the end, his brilliant start came to a slow down.

This is what St. Louis said to the media today (quotes from The Province):

“If I was going to be part of the team, I would have heard by now,” St. Louis said after the Lightning’s morning skate ahead of Wednesday night’s game against the Montreal Canadiens.

“It’s very disappointing but it’s part of life,” said St. Louis. “There’s a lot of disappointing things that go on in your life and you just have to live through it, fight thought it.

“It’s a hard to team to make,” added St. Louis. “You could make two teams. There are a lot of good players who are left off.”

And what he said was true. With the amount of talent in Canada, you could make two teams. Two good teams. But the decision came down to which players Steve Yzerman et al. thought would give Canada the best shot at winning gold. Whether you consider it a snub or just realized that it isn't always about YOU (the player), Yzerman had one of the hardest jobs in the world today because you knew that many players would be disappointed. Players like St. Louis, Ryan Smyth, Shane Doan, Vincent Lecavalier, Jeff Carter, Mike Green, Dion Phaneuf, Brad Richards...the list could go on.

Perhaps it was the age of St. Louis? Maybe it was that even though St. Louis had Olympic experience from 2006, Yzerman wanted to have the team get younger? The forwards on the roster are quite young, no? Or maybe his size? Or maybe Yzerman was matching his roster against what the Russian team looked like? Or maybe you look at it like this: if you want St. Louis, who do you take out of the announced roster? Corey Perry? Rick Nash? Dany Heatley?

Either way, all Canadian fans care about in the end is if we win gold at home. It's a big deal here to win gold, and an even bigger deal because it will be at home. If the team doesn't win gold, it will be considered a disappointment. That's the amount of pressure that the players will face in Vancouver.

I think Ryan Smith said it best today when asked about how he felt:
"I believe they picked the 23 guys for a reason, and I know there's a lot of hockey between now and then, but you've just got to go out and play and carry forth," Smyth said. "If an accident happens, it happens, but you can't think about that.

"These guys are going to represent our country with pride, and I'll be their No. 1 fan."

So for all the b-tching I've heard from Lightning media and fans about St. Louis being 'snubbed', I really don't think it was a snub. The word is the wrong word to describe it. I'm sure it wasn't that St. Louis was being snubbed on purpose, it just worked out that other players were a better fit for the team that Yzerman wanted to put together.

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Written by Dani Toth | 30 December 2009

Special start time tonight at 7pm tonight for the Canadiens as this game is being broadcast on RDS en francais tonight. Prepare for attendance numbers to swell temporarily and songs of Ole to errupt. Please try to suspend your hate on all Canadians, as we are not all Habs fans.

No local tv for local fans...and I hear that there might not be any local games broadcasted soon if some deal or something isn't made by tomorrow night....I'll have more to say on that after I look into the issue but you can read about it here if you are interested

Enemy Blog: Check out the Four Habs Fans for your Habs centric perspective

Not much to say about the game, most of my morning has been devoted to the Team Canada roster announcement.

Are you surprised that no Tampa players were on the roster? Because I am not. I am Canadian and I trust in Stevie Y's decisions. I'll take Mike Richards or whoever else over Stamkos or Lecavalier right now. St. Louis was the only one with an outside shot really. Former Bolt Brad Richards would have been nice since he's had a great season, but he wasn't invited to camp, so he had that already going against him.

I read this quote earlier: "The Lightning enter tonight's game riding a two-game winning streak, tied for the longest of the season"-Lightning Insider. Puke. Don't fret, we have won 4 of our last 5 games and we're still in the playoff race bobbing around 8th spot. Last time we played the Canadiens it was in Montreal, and we walked away with the win.

This is the last game of 2009, would be nice to end it with a win, non?

Line-up Notes:

  • Mike Smith is in net
  • Walker, Halpern and Fedoruk are still on the IR
Game time: 7:00pm ET on RDS
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