Written by Dani Toth | 07 May 2011

We have ourselves an opponent


The Boston Bruins completed their sweep of the Philadephia Flyers last night with a 5-1 win. They advance on the Eastern Conference Finals. Now we are just waiting for the West to finish up before the schedule gets released.

Say hello to our new enemy blog: Days of Y'Orr

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Written by Dani Toth | 05 May 2011

So beating the Caps in four games ahead of everyone else, gives you some days off to catch your breath, do some laundry, catch up on life, until the Canucks finish the Preds (on Saturday?) so that we can begin the conference finals.

The only thing of note to come out of today in the boltosphere is that Stamkos, along with Daniel Sedin and Corey Perry was named as the finalists for the Ted Lindsay award. It's the award for most outstanding player as voted by the NHLPA

Here is some things to read since you got the time:
And the Lightning have killed 49 of 51 penalties in the playoffs so far. Could their amazing PK be inspired by the battle that Wayne Fleming went through off the ice? Count on it. Good news is that after the surgery he was alert and speaking. Great read on TBO.com about the boys playing for him no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 05 May 2011


The other day Bloguin upgraded LHB's comments to the Livefyre system. I haven't said anything about it yet because I have been so wrapped up in these playoffs but since I had a bunch of Pens fans left comments today about the Lightning sweeping the Caps, I figured I should introduce it to the regular readers.

So Livefyre really is a better system than the one we used to have but here are a few tips before you get started:

#1 - You will need to either register with Livefyre.com or sign in using Facebook or Twitter for now. No more anonymous guest posting but really it only takes a few minutes to set up an account and it will be worth it. If you don't want to sign up for an account, just use your Facebook or Twitter account.

And since you might be wondering why you can't post anonymously, well, it helps cut down spam comments...and spam comments are annoying as hell.

#2 - If you already have a Bloguin user name and password integration will be coming soon. But just use LiveFyre, Facebook or Twitter for now.

#3 - Flickr, Twitpic, tinypic, and imgur are the supported image sources, which means you just copy and paste the URL into the comment box and the image shows up as a thumbnail.

#4- For videos, YouTube and Vimeo work. Just paste the URL, and your video will show up. How easy is that?

#5 - If you want to get notified of every comment by email you can by adjusting your Livefyre account settings or if you prefer not to, you can opt out and just view all your responses online in your account.

So I know I never get a ton of comments here on LHB, but this will make it easier to do it. And I really think we need to get more comments going and the playoffs are a great time to start with that.

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Written by Dani Toth | 04 May 2011


I am completely surprised that the Lightning are still playing hockey in May. Watching them struggle to find their game at the end of the regular season, I feared that they would be handed a first round loss by the Pens. Going down 3-1 in Round 1 didn't help the confidence level either. But at least there were flashes of a good playoff team in Round 1.

Then the 8-2 win in the morning happened and the Lightning have not stopped rolling since. The 8-2 win was the turning point in the playoffs so far.

With each game from there on, the team just kept getting better and better. Players stepped up when they needed to.

St. Louis was a one tiny man army doing it all himself in the early Pens series while Stamkos was still trying to figure out how to deal with the fast pace. Then Lecavalier became a monster and was putting up the game winning goals left, right and center. Somehow Sean Bergenheim and Dominic Moore have become offensive threats (it just feels weird to type that) and Stamkos eventually found the back of the net. And our defense, they've done a much better job than anyone ever expected them to do. And of course, Roloson has been solid throughout the playoffs so far.

The way this team has come together just at the right time has been fantastic to see as a fan. To see the players really buy in to Guy Boucher's system and find a way to win against two tough teams.

I think the quote in my game preview from Knuble says it best:

"They are uncanny. When they want to get a goal it's like they just snap their fingers or hit a button. They just dial it up. You can see it. It's like they flip a switch. When they are down, it's just like they think, 'we know we are going to score.' I don't know what it is, it leaves you flabbergasted," -ESPN

People will say that it has been easy for the Lightning since the Pens were without Crosby and Malkin, and the Semin and Backstrom didn't show up for the Capitals, but you know what? Tough shit. I understand if fans want to use that as an excuse to explain why their team didn't beat us, that's fine, but I'm not going to use that as a reason why the Bolts won the past 7 games in a row.

The Bolts won because they worked hard. Harder than their opposition.


So we swept the Caps and now await our next opponent and the start of Round 3. This will give us some time to digest all of this, and let the players rest up some injuries that they have. But for the next few days, enjoy this. The feeling of your team rolling over your SE Division opponent.

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Written by Dani Toth | 04 May 2011


Sweeeeeep bitches. Bergeneim is a beast. Don't ever change.

It's on to Round 3. no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 04 May 2011


Enemy Blog: Head over to Rock the Red and to Russian Machine Never Breaks for your opposition blog coverage

Record: Lightning 3 Capitals 0

Previous games: Game 1: 4-2 Lightning, Game 2: 3-2 Lightning, Game 3: 4-3 Lightning

Game time: 7:30pm EST on TSN (HD), NHLN-US (HD), RDS (HD), CSN-DC (HD) SUN (HD) and on the radio

It's less than 24 hours later and the teams are back at it for Game 4.

The Lightning have won six straight games and with a seventh win tonight could sweep the series. How fast is your day going to go by? Can you even concentrate on anything at work today?

Russian Machine Never Breaks calls the 3-0 lead dire. I would too.

But the Lightning are still downplaying the 3-0 series lead:

"You can't (let up), especially against Washington," "We're up 3-0, but when we played Pittsburgh in the first series and it was 3-1, we never gave up and we came back. We're on the other side of it, so we've got to make sure that we go until the end." -Vincent Lecavalier
The Caps played a solid 40 minutes last night, again outshooting the Lightning 27-15. But went home after the 2nd period and blew the game in the third period. The Lightning outshot the Caps 15-5, with Stamkos and Malone scoring to take the lead. Ovechkin was Washington's best player but couldn't win the game himself.

"They are uncanny. When they want to get a goal it's like they just snap their fingers or hit a button. They just dial it up. You can see it. It's like they flip a switch. When they are down, it's just like they think, 'we know we are going to score.' I don't know what it is, it leaves you flabbergasted," a disconsolate Knuble said. -ESPN
Mike Green missed the majority of the third period in Game 3. No idea if he's going to play tonight (will update later).

Go Bolts!

Line-up Notes:

  • Lightning injuries: Simon Gagne (Upper body, day-to-day), Pavel Kubina (Upper body, listed as day-to-day), Dana Tyrell
  • Lightning scratches: Mattias Ritola, Matt Smaby and some more black aces
  • Capitals injuries: Tom Poti, Dennis Wideman

Your pre-game reading links:

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Written by Dani Toth | 03 May 2011

Via ABC Action News:

The video is worth the watch just for the guy with the monstrous beard at the 40 second mark. Pretty sure the rest of his body has that amount of hair no comments