Written by Lightning Hockey Blog | 24 April 2013

At the moment all ice hockey fans are focused pretty intently on the NHL season, as the regular season has entered its final month or so, and the top eight sides get set to do battle for the Stanley Cup in the play-offs, but some fans are destined to get disappointed. After all, although any fan will still have some interest in how the play-offs go, it isn’t the same if your own team isn’t one of those competing for the title. Thus, while you are waiting for the next season, and hoping your under-performing team does better next time out, an ice hockey themed slots game like Break Away can be a good way of wiping away the gloom.

One of the major benefits that an ice hockey slots game like this has over betting on the winners of the NHL is that you have much better chance of winning money – particularly if you support one of the less dominant teams and can’t bring yourself to bet on anyone else. Aside from this though, it is a hugely exciting video slot where every effort has been made to capture some of the excitement of a match – with the top notch animated graphics and audio effects pulling you right into the bone-crunching thrills of an NHL match – to the extent that you might be glad at times that you’re just playing a slots game!

The reels capture pretty much all the familiar sights of the NHL, including players, skates, hockey sticks, referees and a fiery puck. If you get this on your reel it triggers the Smashing Wild feature of the game – which can lead to anything up to 25 free spins. This is great opportunity to maximise your payout and, even if you don’t manage to win the top cash jackpot of $500 by playing Break Away, you would have to be very unlucky not to come out ahead from an evening playing this game. Games like Break Away can be found at online casinos like MobileCasino.mobi, that also feature a wide variety of other sports related slots games.

Written by Dani Toth | 22 March 2012

The latest PSA from You Can Play features our own Steven Stamkos and Brian Campbell from the Panthers:

The You Can Play project has lots of momentum going for it since releasing its first PSA a few weeks ago and having Stamkos participate in You Can Play is huge with him being one of the biggest NHL stars right now. I have come to accept the bet with Downie about the long hair, but the toque Steven?

Check out You Can Play for more info on the campaign and you can follow them on twitter here
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Written by Dani Toth | 17 March 2012

Enemy Blog: Head over to Thrashing the Blues, St. Louis Game Time or SBN St. Louis for your opposition blog coverage
Record: Lightning (32-31-7) Blues (45-19-8)
Previous games: November 12, 2011 - Blues win 3-0
Game time: 7:00pm EST on SUN (HD)

Tonight the St. Louis Blues can clinch a playoff spot and would be the first NHL team to do so. They are currently at the top of the league and a very different team from when we saw them back in November.

The Lightning are in the middle of a 7 game homestand and although I think we can admit that our own playoffs is unattainable, we could have fun an delay St. Louis clinching there's for another game.

Go bolts.

If you are planning to go to the game and don't have tickets yet, Bloguin has partnered with TiqIQ. I recieved an email on what the ticket scene is looking like for tonight and Monday's game:
- Average ticket price for Saturday, 3/17 Lightning vs Blues: $52
- Offer $17 for a "1 star" ticket that usually retails for over $28 or Offer $75 for a "5 Star"  premium ticket that usually retails for over $100 after all the shipping/handling fees, here:

- Average ticket price for Monday, 3/19 Lightning vs Sabres: $37
- Offer $15 for a "2 star" ticket that usually retails for over $36 or Offer $60 for a "4 Star"  ticket that usually retails for over $158 after all the shipping/handling fees, here: http://tiqiq.us/8_v

Official Lightning preview
Trevor Smith was recalled from Norfolk this morning no comments

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Awesome sign.

Let's say the guy was driving down from the city that Stamkos grew up in, Markham (just outside Toronto), the drive would be 1,339 miles. Ask that guy after the game, I'm sure that guy would say that is was worth the 23 hours it took to drive down. It also may have been cheaper than buying a ticket in the lower bowl at the ACC so there's that.

I'm lazy, so here is my photo recap of the game...
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Written by Dani Toth | 13 March 2012

Here is video from tonight's game against Boston.

Goal #49

Goal #50

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Written by Dani Toth | 09 March 2012

Here is the Brendan Shanahan video:

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Written by Dani Toth | 08 March 2012

Mike Green elbows a defenseless Brett Connolly who was already pinned to the boards by Dmitri Orlov. Brutal elbow by Green to Connolly's head. Connolly did skate off on his own and no penalty was called on the play.

What a dumb decision by Mike Green to make. I guess it's not like he knows what it feels like to get a concus--- oh wait... he does.

Even though no penalty was called, I can't see Mike Green not getting a suspension from Shanahan.


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