From today's game, here is the video of the Lecavalier-Malkin tussle:

Lecavalier did end up with a four minute roughing call and a 10 minute misconduct for the incident.

Lecavalier left today without speaking to media but here is what Boucher said of the incident (via tbo.com):

"Vinny felt that Malkin tried to go for his knees,'' Boucher said. "In those situations, he's the captain and he wants to show that we are not going to just take everything and be little poodles and wait for things to happen.

"For me, there is absolutely no blame on his part there. He's emotional and he's trying to make this team win and that was his way of showing that we are not going to take it. I don't blame him at all.''

What Malkin did was nothing compared to what Brach Marchand did on Sami Salo, so no blame on Malkin here. He just plainly avoided the check. Lecavalier just misread what happened and let his emotions take over. We've seen this happen before and we know that once Lecavalier is steamed about something, there is really no stopping him.

And let's hear it again for that jersey foul of a Venetian Dental. So bad.....