Mattias Ohlund has played not one game this season. He may never play another in his career, but he's not going down without a fight. He previously went arthroscopic surgery during the summer that helped on his right knee but not on his left. Today it was announced that he will undergo major surgery on his left knee, which maybe his best hope at saving his career.

Damian Cristodero reports that the surgery will take place on Thursday in the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and will be performed by orthopedist Anthony Miniaci.

According to the Tampa Bay Times:

The complicated procedure performed by noted orthopedist Anthony Miniaci will use a thin layer of titanium to resurface the bottom of the femur behind the kneecap. That should create a cushion where cartilage that usually covers the bone has flaked off to such an extent there is painful bone-on-bone rubbing at the patellofemoral joint.

There is no timetable for his rehab, only that this will take months not weeks. And he may never player again, but he says "I don't know if I want to put it in those terms," he said. "But this is a major procedure. Everybody seems quite optimistic I'm going to get better."

Apparently he has become quite the assistant while watching games in the press box, but doesn't think of himself as more than just a player "I'm not a coach. I'm a player," Ohlund said. "I watch the games like every other player who watches games. If they ask me for some input, I'm happy to give it. But clearly, I'm not a coach."