Kyle Clifford's face in this hockey hug looks like he is mildly revolted by Trevor Lewis

"He has a case of fumblelitis..."

Oh Mishkin, sometimes I love the way you call a game. You and Chris Dingman made this game hilarious to listen to, even through the 3rd period.

So goaltending>> not being able to score

Kings deserved this win for how hard they worked. As for the Lightning, well they got outworked by the Kings in every facet. The Kings played a great road game; they were good on the forecheck, the scored a few goals early and in the third period just wanted it more. I hate using that line when describing a team's success, but that really was the case, no?


Their top guys were good defensively and their bottom six was just as good. Richards was 6 for 10 in the faceoff and won key faceoffs in the 3rd period, most notably on the PK. Lecavalier on the other hand went 9 for 19, Dominic Moore went 3 for 10 and Stamkos went 4 for 10. It really hurts your powerplay when you waste time chasing a cleared puck because you lost the faceoff.


Other thoughts
  • The Lightning were also given two powerplay chances in the third period that gave them a great opportunity to take advantage of, but they weren't able to take advantage of their chance
  • The Kings only registered 20 shots on goal, the Lightning had 25
  • Props to Quick on being the way better goalie
  • Lecavalier had 5 shots on goal
  • Purcell played a pretty decent game. Let's hope he's able to build on this effort instead of becoming Mr. Invisible again
  • I am being continuously surprised by Brendan Mikkelson
I love a good hip check. Here is Hedman on Penner in the third period: