Lecavalier for Luongo?

Excuse me for 5 minutes while I have a good belly laugh about this. AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA....Oh Province, you are so silly.

Now let's back up for a minute, since I do live in the city and know what led up to The Province publishing an article like this. So the Canucks have been 1-2-1 going into tonight's game against the Preds. Luongo has not looked great in the games so far, actually his goals against has been terrible, but he rarely does well in the month of October. So with Lundqvist posting a shut-out at one end of the rink on Tuesday and Luongo letting in four goals at the other, fans were a little frustrated. To be honest though, not all of those goals from the Rangers which were his fault  and since his team wasn't able to score any goals so maybe Luongo wasn't the real problem in the particular game. But the frustration from watching him meltdown in the SCF, a poor start to start the season and an more than capable goaltender sitting on the bench (Cory Schneider), well the frustrations came out during the game. Luongo got a Bronx cheer when he handled the puck in the third period and instead of Luuu's, he had boo's rained down on him.

Because hockey >>> any other sport in Vancouver, the phoneboards on the TEAM 1040 were lightning up with callers saying to trade Luongo.

So what did The Province do?

They decided to think like those callers, and suggest since Luongo and Lecavalier have similar contracts, let's just trade them.

Many people say the Canucks made a huge mistake in signing Lou to a 12-year, $64-million no-trade contract in 2009 because it makes parting with him impossible. So here’s our solution.

Trade Luongo straight up for Vincent Lecavalier of the Tampa Bay Lightning, who has a similar, $85-million, 11-year no-trade deal. With Steve Stamkos in Tampa, Lecavalier is no longer top dog and could use a fresh start as much as Lou.

Tampa needs better goaltending; we need a power forward. Lou’s wife could finally be closer to her family, and Lecavalier could play hockey again in a city that actually cares about his sport.

It’s a win-win-win-win (Lou, Vince, Cory, fans) solution.


Lecavalier could use a fresh start? Have any of you in my city seen Lecavalier last season? Last season, especially in the playoffs, Lecavalier has been the closest to his old form than he has been in years.

And most importatly, Lecavalier could play hockey in a city that actually cares?

Last I checked, the Lightning had an attendance record of 19,204 on Monday against the Panthers and 18,181 tonight against the Islanders.