If you haven't seen this yet:

Awesome right?

Today we got our first look at the Tesla coils that will shoot lightning bolts to a length of about 20 feet. Did anyone else think The Prestige when they saw it? It seems pretty loud and a little small for 20 feet, but I'll hold back my judgement until we see the finished product on a game night.

Cristodero reports that it may not be ready to go for the home opener on Monday though:

The issue with the two coils, which are supposed to shoot lightning bolts about 20 feet to celebrate Lightning goals, is they need to be extensively tested. If delayed it would be because of "technical related issues," Lightning chief operating officer Steve Griggs said.

"Our goal is to have the majority of the changes completed," Griggs said. "But with the construction schedule going right to Monday there could be a couple things that could be off line."

Ok, so safety first but hopefully we'll get see it soon