During the Lightning/Buffalo game on Saturday that I wasn't able to catch because of GameCenter being down, I ended up watching HNIC while cursing GCL. In the hotstove segment, Oren Koules' name came up. Relax, it has nothing to do with the Lightning but rather with the St. Louis Blues. I can't embed the video so go here to view it on the CBC website (start at the 4 minute mark).

Basically Elliote Friedman said that Oren Koules is part of the management group that is led by Matthew Hulsizer who is looking to buy the St. Louis Blues, so we might see a return of Koules to the NHL earlier than you would have expected. You might remember Hulsizer from when his was looking in to buying the Coyotes, but now his sights are on the Blues. On October 5 2011, TSN reported that a non-binding term sheet was drafted though no date has been set on when an actual sale will take place.

It seems Oren Koules wasn't burned by the mess that happened with the Lightning, that he still wants to be back in as an owner. For the good of the NHL and for St. Louis, I hope he has learned from his previous mistake.