So beating the Caps in four games ahead of everyone else, gives you some days off to catch your breath, do some laundry, catch up on life, until the Canucks finish the Preds (on Saturday?) so that we can begin the conference finals.

The only thing of note to come out of today in the boltosphere is that Stamkos, along with Daniel Sedin and Corey Perry was named as the finalists for the Ted Lindsay award. It's the award for most outstanding player as voted by the NHLPA

Here is some things to read since you got the time:
And the Lightning have killed 49 of 51 penalties in the playoffs so far. Could their amazing PK be inspired by the battle that Wayne Fleming went through off the ice? Count on it. Good news is that after the surgery he was alert and speaking. Great read on TBO.com about the boys playing for him