Will Stamkos be to shampoo like Crosby is to bread in my supermarket?

Sorry don't understand that reference? To explain, when I walk in to my local supermarket, Crosby's face greets me in the bread section because he's the face of Dempster's bread.

Last week, L'Oreal's Garnier Fructis brand named Steven Stamkos the new face for the brand in Canada.

From the press release:

The promotion featuring Steven Stamkos will be launched in April, when hockey season is at its peak in Canada. It will include a TV, Magazine, Online and In-store component. The Promotional TV spot will feature Stamkos announcing a contest to hockey fans: "Take your best shot with Fructis Anti-Dandruff and come hang out with me in Tampa". The brand will offer a unique experience with the famous hockey player: a chance to win a trip for four to Tampa Bay for 2 nights, 4 front row tickets to a game and a lunch with Steven.

It's not that you get to go to Tampa to meet him and watch him play, you get to have lunch with him as well. Awesome.

There is a bit of a cheese line in the release by Stamkos though:

"I have a passion for winning and Fructis is all about it. It's my favorite shampoo!" says Steven.

So now, does this explain why he's not participating in 'Cut for a Cure'?