Who's the MVP of tonight?

Marty's sick shootout spin move and Roloson making up for the mistakes made by his team.

Jesus, this game had a bit of everything.

After dropping four in a row, the Lightning came into tonight's game looking to turn things around. With the Caps playing tonight, they wouldn't necessarily be able to take back the Southeast, but they needed to win tonight to keep pace with the Caps.

The Lightning played the first period really really well. The first period may have been the best I've seen of Ohlund in a long time. He made some really sound decisions and layed a huge hit on Patrick Kane against the boards. The defence in general played really well and were able to move the puck quickly allowing end to end action.

Stamkos opened the scoring 11 minutes into the game by working through three Hawks players before getting the puck past Crawford. Points for both Stamkos and St. Louis in their scoring race against the Sedins. Patrick Kane ties up the scoring for the Hawks. Balls. But with just 16 seconds left in the period when three hawk players swarm Stamkos, the puck makes its way to St. Louis who wrists it in to make is 2-1.

Kubina has some hit on Bolland. Bolland plays out the rest of the period but isn't on the bench for the 3rd.

Rest of the recap and video of St. Louis' shootout goal after the jump...

The second period opened up with Hedman shooting the puck which doesn't get through the traffic but Teddy Purcell takes advantage of the puck that goes to his area, giving the Lightning a two goal lead. Boom.

This is where the Lightning seem to look like they are in a good position. But it's the Lightning we're talking about and the Blackhawks just take ahold of the 2nd period and outwork the Lightning. One of the best looking men in Chicago, wrists a shot in to make it 3-2 midway through the 2nd period. The Lightning make it through the period, still retaining their lead.

In the third period is where the Lightning look like they have run out of gas. J Toews scores to tie up the game. They get outworked hard by Chicago. They look flat and it's beginning to get excruciating to watch. The Hawks just need to get the put into the Lightning zone and forecheck to get posession. Roloson is bailing them out.


Bryan Bickell is already having a monstrous game stopping Bergenheim (?) like a wall, then he get's a breakaway. Bryan Bickell could end the game. F-ck. But Roloson makes a save with a little help from a diving Stamkos.

The Lightning get a PP for a delay-of-game that wasn't really a delay of game penalty. Refs screwed up the call since the puck touched the glass before heading out, whatever I'll take it. It's shot city in the powerplay, so many shots, but no goals so we head to overtime. Even with the powerplay, the Lightning still can't end the game. Overtime ends still tied, so we head to the shootout.

Boucher opts to put out his big names. Is this because of the media calling him out the other day?

First up: Lecavalier. Lecavalier sucks. Too slow.

Second: Stamkos. Better effort, but no dice.

Now Roloson has stopped both Toews and Kane, so still tied heading into 3rd shooter.



People will bitch about whether this is a good goal or not. The NHL thinks so and that's good enough for me. Oh and it was awesome.

Hossa doesn't score. No one actually cares.

Lightning finally win. So do the Caps, but we're keeping pace. Stamkos and St. Louis both have a goal and an assist from the night.

Nick Kypreos' twitter says that Kubina will have a discipline hearing with the NHL tomorrow for the hit on Bolland.

Here is a video of the hit (can't find a better quality video, if you do please email me the link)