The new Lightning website. How young does Vinny look?

Woooooooo. ALL IN!!!


Ok. So team effort here. For the first time, the Lightning knew they needed to win the game, and they finally did. And it's a win over the Pens, which is better than you average win over the Thrashers or whoever.

Looking at the standings we might see this seven more times this season as it looks like the Lightning might face the Pens. So get ready Lightning fans, we're just getting started.

Recap after the jump...

The Lightning came out with energy and Steve Downie took advantage of that scoring early into the game.


Five minutes later, Lecavalier comes down the right side, has his way with Letang, and makes a pass to Martin St. Louis. It's 2-0 and it's Lecavalier to St. Louis like old times.

Then the Pens came at us hard but the Lightning were able to maintain their 2 goal lead throughout the 2nd period. Some boarding and slashing calls get handed out.


Hedman tries to fight Kennedy. Unlikely dancers of the season.


Stamkos takes down Fleury. They look like they're rolling down a meadow. Stamkos takes a goalie interference penalty.

Mike Rupp finally scores for the Pens in the third period but that's as far as they'll get.

HELLO first round matchup!