There were far worse titles I could have used on this recap....just saying.

The Lightning continued their losing streak by dropping a yawnfest against the Canadiens on Saturday night. In what should have been an exciting, playoff feel game, turned out to me asking if I could get those three hours of my life back. The boys came out with no energy and with the exception of the start of the 2nd period, a general lack of care to win the game.

Montreal on the other hand came to play. Their team played like they wanted it. They forechecked harder, they kept the puck in at the line and went for the rebounds and Carey Price stopped the shots that he needed to, which give their team a very decisive win.

The Lightning play four games this week with games against the Capitals, Blackhawks, Senators and Panthers. They play the Caps next on Monday at 7pm, lets hope that they decide to show up to that one.