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Record: Lightning (39-22-9) Canadiens (38-25-7)

Game time: 7:30pm EST on SUN (HD), RDS (HD), TSN-HABS and on the radio at 970 AM WFLA

The Lightning need a bounce back game to make up for the sh-t effort they had last time they played the Canadiens. After beating Toronto 6-2 on Tuesday, the Lightning are in a good position to do just that in Montreal. This will be the last time we'll play Montreal this season unless we meet them again in the playoffs, which is definitely a possibility. And like I said last time we played them, the french media would be all over this.

Montreal last played on Tuesday, losing 4-2 to Washington but over the last 10 games they have been 7-3-0.
We won the last two games against them and then lost poorly to them on March 5th.

Let's talk about points
Stamkos is on a five game point streak, and he's going to need to keep it up for him to stay in the scoring race since the Sedins had a big night last night (2 points each). Henrik is now tied with Stamkos for 2nd in points in the NHL at 86 with Daniel in the lead with 92. With only 12 games left, and 43 goals scored so far, can Stamkos make it to 50 for a second consecutive 50 season? If he does, he'll have also received more than 100 points.

Reaction to the GM Meetings
First of all, if you want some great coverage/insight, please check out Meredith's coverage at Raw Charge here, here and here. Now that you are caught up, the Globe and Mail had some reaction to the outcomes of the three day meetings in an article by Sean Gordon. When asked a question if Gagne was disappointed that the GM's refused an outright ban of checking to the head, he said “Disappointed? A little, I guess,”, “But at least they’re talking about it, which they didn’t really want to do as recently as three years ago.” (Globe and Mail).

Stamkos said that it comes down to players needing to respect their opponents and needing accountability for their actions. His answer sounds well thought-out, and not the normal boring hockey speak we hear from players.

“The game is fast, and from an outsider’s perspective things happen in the blink of an eye, but as a player you’re aware, you take that extra stride, you can stop or start pretty quick and it’s something that at the end of the day … we have to realize the repercussions that can happen.” (Globe and Mail)

Go read the whole article, it really is worth your time.

Line-up Notes:

  • Lightning injuries: Ryan Malone, Steve Downie, Randy Jones
  • Canadiens' injuries: Tomas Plekanec, Jeff Halpern, Brent Sopel

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