Looking at the top ten teams in the league it's easy to see which team is not like the other on this list:


The only team on this list with a negative goal differential is the Lighting with their minus 11.

This hasn't been something that has popped up recently as the Lightning have been pretty consistent all year with their negative goal differential. Obviously their position in #6 in the league ranking and #2 in the Eastern Conference says to how well they are playing on a game to game basis, but then why the negative goal differential?

Well that's because when they lose a game, sometimes they do so in a spectacular fashion. So far this year, the Lightning have lost 8 games with a goal differential of 3 or more. Two of which they lost 8-1 (one against Pittsburgh and the other against Boston) and one they lost 6-0 against the Panthers. Most of these monumental losses can be attributed to the goalie tandem that started off the year, Dan Ellis and Mike Smith, who some nights couldn't stop pucks to save their job.

But I can't lay all the blame on just Ellis and Smith since the Lightning's defence has some glaring problems as well. And I guess it really doesn't matter that much if you lose a game by a little or a lot, because in the end you still lost the game, right? Perhaps. But then again, how does these huge blowout losses hurt the confidence of the team? And will having a dependable goaltender in net like Roloson help change the goal differential disparity? Or will this continue to last through the rest of the season?