With today's news of Ryan Malone's possible torn abdominal muscle coming out of Tampa today, the first question you ask is "how long will he be out?".

According to Erlendsson's article, the extent of his injury is not known yet, and so surgery may or may not be needed. Some people are estimating him to being out of the lineup for about 8 weeks. That's almost the rest of the regular season.

But relax, because instead of freaking out over this, we should all see the positive in this happening now and not in like April. Even if Malone goes through a surgery and is our for 8 weeks, he could still be back in time for the playoffs. In addition, at least this happened before trade deadline day, as opposed to on, say March 1st. See? Things could have been worse.

Now of course, this does make this upcoming trade deadline a little bit more interesting, no?

Does Yzerman try to acquire another top six forward to replace Malone? Or does he work on getting another top 4 defenceman to our very weak defence core?

In the short term, the Lightning have called up Johan Harju from Norfolk to fill in while Malone is out. Yes, this is the same Harju who in an article translated by Bolt Prospects two weeks ago said that he was thinking of going back to Sweden after the season because he was unhappy since he wasn't getting a chance in the NL.

As he told the Swedish media, the Lightning will not change a winner, so unless there's an injury, Harju likely won't be on a Lightning scoring line anytime soon.

So there's an injury, and now he's called up. He better make the most of it.