Oh Lightning, why must you make winning so hard?

The Lightning traded goals in the 1st period with the Flames and then dominated the 2nd period. By the time they came into the 3rd period, the Lightning were up 4-2. They led the Flames in shots on goal at 28 to 14.

Garon is doing one handed-push ups

Just 20 minutes of hockey to seal the win, but could the Lightning hold on?

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Clearly, playing a full 60 minutes was not in their game plan. In the 20 minutes of the 3rd period, the Lightning gave up 2 goals, one of which came on the powerplay. Worse, they registered their first shot on goal in the 3rd period at 7:25 left. The Lightning were outshot 13 to 5 in the third period. Borque's breakaway goal came off of a terrible play by Brett Clark.

Tie f-cking game after 60 minutes.

Again, they just didn't want to win easily.

30 seconds in, Brewer jumps up on the rush as Downie passes the puck to Brewer who passes it across to a wide open Stamkos baring down on Kiprusoff.


Here's the video of the goal:

Stamkos scores his 19th goal to give the team a 5-4 win in OT.

Big positive of the game: Teddy Purcell got his first goal in 17 games and looked really strong with the puck tonight.

Fail of the night: Yzerman Lightning jersey fail


FAILLLLL guy with a free jersey