Not something you'd associate together really, Vanity Fair and the NHL, but on Tuesday night they did. Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter hosted a cocktail party for the NHL and twenty of its biggest stars. Our own Stamkos was among the 20 though the suit, well I think he could have done better, non?


Last time I saw VF do something on hockey was during the Vancouver Winter Olympics where they had some interesting stories about the Latvian hockey team and good looking athletes, but if this is going to be a new relationship for VF and the NHL, I'm all for it. According to this, Crosby and Ovechkin did a photo shoot for VF photographer Bruce Weber prior to the party, so more hockey for VF in the future?

Not to nit pick, but the NHL wrote that VF editor Carter was a native from Ottawa, but maybe they have their facts wrong (or maybe he's in denial) since the VF media kit bio says he's from Toronto.