Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend. I've been a bit sick with a cold that seemed hit me like a truck. Hope to be all back to normal in time for Wednesday's game against the Pens.

So what happened this weekend while I was in a Neocitran coma on the couch?

Well there was the Thrashers game:

And the game against the Predators? Well this video is a pretty good summation of it:


I don't know what it is about Ellis this year, but why has he looked so unprepared in net? During the summer I was ready to write off Mike Smith being anything more than a goalie flaming out on the last year of his contract. I had expected Dan Ellis to come up and really make a challenge for the starting position. But here we are and Mike Smith have a 4-0-0 record and Dan Ellis has a 1-2-1 record. We need to discuss this but maybe later when I'm off the lemon flavored drugs.

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