It's the first day of October! And tonight is the first of the last two pre-season games of the season....which means that we're THAT much closer to the start of the real season.

Just have to get through another week of nothing.

It will be tough yes, but nothing is a tough as Gary Roberts' summer training camp. Now if you haven't read this column by James Duthie from TSN that I tweeted about earlier this week, it is really worth the read. Now just to get it out of the way, I'm a pretty big fan of Mr. Duthie. I really could go on and on about how great of a sports anchor he is, and maybe some day I will, but one of the things that I love is his writing. It's funny, and not just funny funny, it's smart funny. His column that he wrote in the Ottawa Sun was the only reason I would frequent the Ottawa Sun.

So here's Duthie on Camp Roberts who had two of our Lightning boys under his supervision this summer.

Other things for you to read:

  • Marc Pouliot and Niklas Persson clear waivers. Pouliot was sent to Norfolk and Persson has an option to invoke and opt-out clause to head to Europe. It's too bad that's he's not on the team anymore because tonight I came across these great photos from a Swedish website called Finest.se. If he had been on the team longer, I'm sure I could have found tons more of him and some hot Swedish girls, like here here and here. So after looking at thoses photos...if its Norfolk or Sweden...you really gotta opt for Sweden, no?
  • Cristodero discusses if Boucher will opt for 8 defencemen and 13 forwards or 8 on defence and 14 forwards
  • Erik Erlendsson talks about the new locker room that the Lightning have. A little off topic, but are the tags that show up on Erlendsson's article on TBO.com a little weird or is that just me? He's got 'blue carpet' and 'far wall' hyperlinked
  • Boucher did some interior design handpicking all the photos that went up in the new locker room

    "It's my job to transmit to the players what my vision is," Boucher said. "Everything comes into play when you're transmitting something: pictures, images, writing on the wall.

    "Basically, it's a big brainwash we need to do as coaches because the players need to understand the end product I have in mind. I want to make sure the guys get as many tools as possible to figure out that vision and put it into practice."

  • Kevin Allen write a piece about Guy Boucher's mentality as coach of the Lightning: "It's humility that makes you want to get better, rather than think we are going to be great."
  • And John from Raw Charge wrote a great piece on politics, money, religion and sports
  • Mike Smith will start tonight against the Panthers even though his fractured finger is still a little sensitive
Saturday's game will not be broadcasted on the TV or radio but you can catch it on the Lightning website and foxsportsflorida.com