Here is the second part to the Lightning girl photoset I stumbled upon while visiting the Lightning website. Click here to read the first post if you missed it. Today we'll carry on with the photos that they took during the photoshoot.

The first one we have up a litte scary. I don't know what went on here to make this girl think that making this face for the camera was a good thing to do, but it creeps me out.


Scary right? Like it makes me think clowns scary.

Next up with have Ian the stylist fixing a robot:


He looks like he's dressing up one of the dolls he keeps at home, trying to get her hair just right. Just don't disturb him or he might attack you with his two fingered stylist claw hand


Finally we are getting to more of what I think a Lightning girl should look like. Meet: Danielle. Less-robot, more hot looking. This angle though is just not stylist Ian's best angle. He looks like he should stay away from the craft service table.

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The cheer coach Jess demonstrates how to look fierce on camera


She might also be giving tips on how to walk in the correct way to make your ass look amazing. The guy in the back there would like to agree with Coach Jess


The caption on Lightning.com reads like this: Another new addition the Lightning Girls! Isabel!

Isabel!'s chest! is! not! the! same! colour! as the rest of her body!


Words are failing me right now, but this photo of stylist Ian is so awesome.


Not to be outdone by this fantastic photo of Mr. Stylist. He's just jumping at the chance to fix that one stray hair on Crystal. Like he can hardly contain himself if he doesn't just reach in their and fix it.

And to end off the set, here is stylist Ian staring at something that I'm pretty sure doesn't interest him in the least: