Because I have little else to do with my time over the next few days besides guess whether Boucher goes with seven or eight defencemen on his roster...and I came across a photo collection while perusing the Lightning website, I wondered if people think the same things I think when I see photos like these

Now as a disclaimer, I have never seen an ice girl or whatever in live action, so I have little idea of WHAT they actually do for the team. I imagine they volunteer, and pose randomly with sex appeal and hockey helmets in their hands while wearing sneakers and maybe they try to out do each other with the amount of fake tan they can get sprayed on. Am I close? Maybe not, but whatever they do, the photos are awesome nonetheless. I've split them up into two posts, so be patient.

First is the Lightning girl auditions:


The girls arrive and sign some forms before the audition. The guy with the giant binder may have one of the best jobs in the NHL that day, second only to the guy taking this particular photo


The girls try out a co-ordinated dance of some sort. I'm distracted by the neon-green zebra print two piece ensemble on the far right. I'm appalled actually that someone retails a neon-green zebra print two piece ensemble. And you gotta admit she really does look into her performance.


The coaches and veterans seem to get team-issued-tiny-Lightning inspired shorts that may or may not draw me to stare at their ass in every photo with that tiny lightning bolt on it

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The group dance:


If we had to chose a song that would be describe a photo, I think the Eric Prydz song "Call On Me" would work perfectly here. And now I have a sudden urge to have a vodka on the rocks....someone please pass the Grey Goose


The cheer coaches give some words of encouragement to end off the day. The one on the right looks like she's trying not to use big words in her speech in order to confuse her audince but is using lots of positivity! for encouragement. The one on the left looks like she means business. I think I'm having a little girlcrush here...

Next post will tackle the Lightning girls photo shoot. And if you haven't seen that video I was referring to, it really is a gem. No matter if you are a girl or guy, I really think it appeals to everyone.

Enjoy the rest of your day...