Just to do a little catchup from the weekend:

  • We finished out the roadtrip in dismal fashion with a loss against the Sharks. My Sharks fan brother had nothing be great things to say about the game. Sadly I couldn't watch the game, but in hindsight, maybe not so sadly
  • The boys are back home for one game against the Leafs on Tuesday before heading out on and back to back roadtrip against the Capitals and Pens on Thursday/Friday
  • Former Lightning player Dino Ciccarelli was only male player inducted into the Hockey Hall of fame today. Big congrats to him but lots of argument on the players that weren't inducted
  • The Lightning have re-assigned Matt Roy and Blair Jones to the Admirals via press release on Sunday. Didn't mind Jones so much, but Roy....needs some time down there
  • And they were demoted because Dominic Moore and Matt Smaby are healthy enough to play on Tuesday
  • Boucher is calling Steve Downie a "major question mark" for Tuesday's game
  • The article goes on to say that it's difficult to keep Downie out of a game. This irks me because if the medical staff says you aren't good to play, should they get the final say?
I'll try for a preview tomorrow, but if you want to get a head start on it, you can head over to Puckin' Eh for an early game preview