Hello readers!

er....I mean hi mom! If you hadn't noticed (but you did because you are a super loyal reader) I've been away from The Hockey Bay blog. Yes I know the Lightning blog world isn't the same without me and maybe you have been worried as to where I have been? *maybe?*

Rest assured I have been blogging away at my other diggs, Benched Whale, supporting the Canucks until they decided not to play hockey and just self destruct until they lost the playoffs. Well mission accomplished for the Canucks! I have also been writing at SBN's Raw Charge where I am covering the World Championships (with Team Canada coloured glasses) and doing some stuff over at Cycle Like the Sedins.

So now we're down to the conference finals and I'm back to blogging about the Lightning. Like I said I never really left blogging, I was just consumed by the constant posting over at Benched Whale that I didn't have time to write up about every mundane thing that has occurred in the Lightning hockey world (which is really nothing). I can't imagine what would happen if both the teams I write about make it into the playoffs one year (actually I can imagine me imploding from the stress).

I'll try to be posting here semi-regularly again, especially when we get some news that is worth writing about. There will also be some changes to the blog itself coming up in the off season, so I'll keep you posted as that comes up.

So we're in the offseason and this team doesn't have a CEO or a GM. There has been some talk about potential GM's, but I don't personally want to spend my time talking about them until they actually become a GM of the Lightning. I don't find there is a use to talking about Yzerman, Risebrough, Nonis, McGuire....etc until someone actually gets hired. These two hires (the CEO and GM) will say a lot about Vinik and what direction he wants the team to go forwards in.

The one thing I will say about the potential GM Pierre McGuire:

Although I have been making fun of him on twitter, in reality I actually feel that Pierre McGuire would not be an awful choice.

Hear me out on this one.

Now as much as he may get on your nerves because you don't like his colour commentary, I feel that he has branded himself extremely well. His job is to be a tv hockey personality that is insightful and recognizable, and he's done both of that well. If you say 'monster' of the game, you think McGuire and to me that means he's nailing his job. On TSN the other colour commentator is Ray Ferraro. Now although I like listening to Ferraro commentate games (he's been killing it recently), he doesn't have the branding that Pierre McGuire has built for himself.

I think he may be a very insightful guy and he has had experience as an assistant coach, head coach and scout before. He is not too far removed from the game and I'm sure has built up relationships with other GM's through his broadcasting. He has been with the media for quite a while, which is what he will have going against him. His name had been floated around previously when the Canucks were hiring their GM 2 years ago and I heard a lot of good thing about him back then. So as much as he may be an easy person to make fun of, I don't think he may be a bad candidate for the job. I also don't think he's bad on tv either, but that's because I respect what he's been able to accomplish.

Stuff I'm looking forward to during the off season:

1. A New CEO and GM
This one is for obvious reasons.

2. The Draft
Like it or not, we've got another high draft pick again this year. This year the draft is in LA and although I haven't heard much about the players yet outside of Hall and Seguin, a top 6 pick is still a nice thing to have.

3. UFA Day!
July 1st is Canada Day where I live (a stat holiday), and it's also UFA Day in the hockey world (how nice of my country to recognize the importance eh?). This is going to be an interesting day for the Lightning with some key spots to be filled here (think goal tending and no more Tanguay)

4. October
Who am I kidding, the off season is long enough, I will be pining for hockey mid summer.