If you've read this blog you know my extreme dislike for how the Lightning organization treated Dan Boyle and ended up trading him away to San Jose. Today I came across more than one article about Boyle/Campbell but check out this one by Pierre LeBrun with some quotes from Boyle regarding his trade to SJ, here are a few:

"At the time, you just signed a six-year deal, getting ready to build a house and settle for likely the remainder of your career, so of course I was nervous, because I didn't know anything about it," said Boyle. "But fast forward two years later, it was a great decision on my part and it certainly worked out."

"I don't remember exactly what he said, but I know we had a conversation right before the trade happened," said Boyle. "All I can say is, the second I hung up, I knew I was going to San Jose. I just felt I was in the right hands. And for me, it was about winning. I didn't want to go back to losing, and I knew this team was going in the right direction."

My dislike about the trade was not just about how the organization handled it, but the issue that they traded away one of their best players on the team. Every time I see Boyle jump up in the play, I'm envious of SJ fans.