Apologies on the lack of recaps this weekend, it was a mix of being busy, and literally getting last minute tickets to a hockey game (the game had already finished the 1st period). No games today, so recap of this weekend and some links to stuff I've been reading

Lightning vs. Caps


Where does a Lightning fan even begin? The Lightning won a game! Against a good team! Yes really, we won a game, was this feeling of joy that I felt what other teams feel on a regular basis? Anyways, the Lightning did win 3-2, in Washington no less. Stamkos extended his 18 game point streak but was not able to score, snapping his goal scoring streak. Niittymaki was solid in goal, and goals from Lecavalier, Foster and male model Brandon Bochenski.

Lightning vs. Penguins

I've already said something about Steve Downie and his attempt to injure Crosby yesterday after the game. Regardless of who Steve Downie did this to, I don't feel that such an attempt at injuring a player should be allowed in the game. Injuries to the knees kill careers and regardless if this was Crosby or another player, I don't think it has a place in hockey. If Crosby had been and older player, perhaps he would not have been able to shake it off and return to the ice like Crosby did.

The NHL did not suspend Downie today for the incident. I expected as much from the NHL, and felt that Downie would only get a suspension if Crosby had been injured. Moving on, we still have games to look forward to, and hate to say it, the Lightning need Downie to play since we are already dealing with injuries.

The Lightning scored midway through the 2nd period from a wrist shot from Lecavalier and attempted to ride out a 1 goal game. They removed their foot from the gas and stopped applying any offensive pressure on the Pens.

The Pens outshot the Lightning 39 to 22, but that sounds even better from what I saw in the game after Lecavalier scored since they only had 1 shot after the goal in like 17 minutes of play
-The Penguins had two goals in the third period, one from Dupuis and another on the powerplay from Gonchar
-The Lightning took penalties at inopportune times during this game, and it became frustrating to watch them defending constantly in their zone
-Stamkos disappeared from the game, but perhaps that was due to the hit from Orpik on him from earlier in the game
-Lecavalier reached 20 goals for the 10th straight season

The hockey game was, *gasp* sold out with an attendance of 20,230

News and Links

Tomorrow game against the Coyotes starts at 7:30pm. For your Coyotes pre-game reading check out Hipchecks or The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes