Actually I'm a week late with this post, but since this is what happened last Sunday on this blog's actual birthday:


I think it's understandable that I didn't want to write a post about my blog's first anniversary when there was clearly bigger things happening, like Canada winning GOLD!

Once year ago, after many weeks of thought, I decided to begin blogging. After overwhelming and perhaps annoying my friends and family with my talk about hockey, I decided to channel my desire to talk about the sport through a blog. To read about the reason I started blogging you can read it at a contribution I did for CLS' Odd Woman Rush. Instead of being logical and starting just one blog, I started two: Vancity Canuck and The Hockey Bay. I figured that it would be fun and that if I hated it, I could just quit after a few posts. I didn't really care or have any expectations that anyone would actually read what I wrote.

After twelve months of writing and 487 posts later (between the two blogs), a lot of things have changed. The most obvious is that I have moved from my old home on blogspot over to join the Bloguin family here, moving both of my blogs over to the network. The Hockey Bay retained the same name, whereas Vancity Canuck got renamed Benched Whale.

One of the great things about being a hockey blogger is getting to know other bloggers through which, I have also been able to write at such fab sites like Cycle Like the Sedins, Raw Charge and most recently as a writer for the Olympic Hockey Blog.

And the most important, is that I got readers! Yes readers, and sometimes even commenters, which proves that it's more than just my brother (and Sharks fan) reading what I'm writing. I'm sure my writing quality has gotten better over time, which you, dear reader, I'm sure is grateful for.

In the end my thanks goes out to the people that read my work. Thank you for visitng my site, sending me e-mails and leaving comments on my posts. Thank you for linking to my posts in your blogs, on twitter or forums. I do appreciate it. And a huge thank you to my flatmate who puts up with me spending so much time writing.

Here's to another year of blogging!

And again, thank you.

Vancity Canuck