When Todd Fedoruk scores your only goal, you know that the offense is lacking. I won't even bother to recap tonight's loss. A loss is a loss, and with the Bruins and Thrashers winning tonight, the Lightning fall to being 6 points back from Boston in the 8th spot with the Rangers and Thrashers ahead of us.

As I said in my game preview, according to Mirtle's post in the Globe and Mail, the Lightning needed to go 10-4-0 for the rest of the season, with the loss tonight, they will have to go 10-3-0 to make it into 8th spot. If you are being optimistic, then you sounds like a Leafs fan trying to grasp at something statistically improbable. But I'm not optimisitc, because when it matters, this team doesn't have it in them to get the big win.

The problem I had with tonight's game had to do with penalties. The first issue was that the Lightning had 3 straight powerplay's but were not able to score on any of them. Really guys, if you want to play in the playoffs, scoring when it matters is important. The other was the tripping penalty that Downie took in the 3rd period to take the Lightning off of the powerplay. The penatly was completely unnecessary. And fail to SUN for continuously pronouncing Pyatt's name incorrectly. It was un-freakin-bearable.

Oh and FAIL to the Lightning website recap:

Phoenix Coyotes beat the Tampa Bay Lighting 3-1 Tuesday night.

The score was 2-1, which just shows that you didn't watch the game, or perhaps you gave up midway through the third?

Recap from my girl over at The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes

Next game Thursday against the Buffalo Sabres, game time 7:30pm