Dear reader,

I haven't posted in a few days because there has been a lack of motivation. I've completely lost the motivation to watch the remainder of the season. Of course I might catch a game or two, but I don't feel the drive to watch each and every game anymore.

There's been so much disappointment with this team. The product on the ice on some nights make it painful to sit through a whole game, in fact I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make it through some games if not for the gang over at Raw Charge that keep me entertained. The team's 7-1 loss to the Sabres on the weekend would have tried my patience if I still cared. Luckily I don't.


Tonight when I was looking up the point totals for Henrik Sedin (the Canucks are my home team), the league leaders for points amused me. The Lightning have two players in the top 6 of the league, St. Louis at #5 with 87 points and Stamkos at #6 with 86 points.

But the Lightning are also sitting at the bottom of the league in standings.



In the end, no matter how much offense we have, if our defense and goaltending sucks, then our team ends up in the same spot we were last year. Having a coach that doesn't know how to coach the type of the players on his roster has hurt this team. Tocchet doesn't belong in this type of NHL, he doesn't fit the style of what the NHL has become. After the Olympic break, it looked like the team wasn't responding to his coaching anymore and the team themselves completely wasted away their own playoff hopes.

It's too bad this team was in limbo this entire season due to the ownership quarrels and eventual sale of the team. If the ownership was stable, could a decision have been made during the season that could have save this season? Maybe. Could a coaching change have been made that might have saved the season? Maybe, but no reason to wonder since the season is over.

I can only hope for change after this season is over and a change in coaching seems to be the most obvious change to start with.