The Lightning announced today that they have made qualifying offers to 10 players. Only three players did not receive offers: RW Chris Lawrence, LW Radek Smolenak and RW Lauri Tukonen.

The 10 players that receive an offer were:

  1. Steve Downie RW
  2. Blair Jones C
  3. Martins Karsums RW
  4. Mike Lundin D
  5. Vladimir Mihalik D
  6. Teddy Purcell RW
  7. Paul Ranger D
  8. Juraj Simek LW
  9. Paul Szczechura C
  10. Nate Thompson C

So it was expecte.....saaaaay what? Paul Ranger?

Does he even play hockey these days? Errrr maybe a better question: is he even alive?

That was my initial thought, but then after about two minutes of making fun of a guy that mysteriously dissappears from his NHL team for "private reasons" then shows up at the end of the season for a few days in Tampa for "tax information reasons", I thought this through.

Since he is a good player, there is no reason the Lightning don't give him a qualifying offer. If he doesn't want to play hockey at all, then he can advise the Lightning and no big loss to them since it doesn't affect them at the cap. If he does want to play, well great, or if he wants to play in some other city that goes the offer sheet route, well then the Lighting at least get a draft pick for compensation. Might as well get something for him instead of just letting him to re-sign elsewhere.

Whatever the case, I hope that qualifying offer was ridiculously low.