Terrible game Saturday night? Head over to Raw Charge for Cassie's recap of the game. Tokarski made his NHL debut in the game replacing Niitymaki after he let in 5 goals. Tokarski was not the only goalie to see his first NHL game on Saturday night, in Vancouver the Penguins' 4th string WHL goalie Alex Petrusky also made his NHL debut replacing John Curry after he also let in 5 goals. Toka made 5 saves in the 3rd period for the Lightning

And the Puck Daddy points out this blown call from Saturday night's game:

It's at the point in the game where there is 4:39 left in the 1st period and the Lightning are down 2-1. Vokoun throws his stick to block Malone trying to stuff the puck in on a wrap around and no penalty shot was awarded, instead another McCabe roughing penalty gets called.