Well NHL hockey at least, let me explain.

As it says in my 'About Me', I live in Vancouver. And we're currently having an Olympics here, maybe you have heard about them? So as of the opening ceremonies on Friday night, NHL hockey was dead to me.

But let's do a little recap, what did we miss? On Thursday the Lightning lost to the Bruins 5-4, nice comeback attempt, but no dice. On Saturday, the Lightning lost to the Islanders 5-4. Today, the Lightning lost to the Rangers 2-1. Lots of one goal losses. Yep, that's about it.

So, while there will be no NHL hockey until March 2nd, there is plenty of great hockey that will be played at the Olympics. Women's hockey has started already and the men's hockey tournament gets underway on Tuesday 9am EST with USA v. Switzerland.

For all of your Olympic coverage, check out the Olympic Hockey Blog. I'll be covering some of the games that I'll be attending as well as the Olympic experience of attending the Games. I'll try to post links of things I write throughout the Games, but do check out the site since there are tons of great writers and new posts throughout each day.

I will also be writing about the Olympics for our friends over at Raw Charge along with Ryan from The Classic Blog and Alix from Canucks Hockey Blog. My first post went up the night before the Olympic opening ceremonies and is about the anticipation of the start of the Games.

The hockey tournament will be the marquee sport in Canada, although I hear NBC will air Ice Dancing instead of the Canada vs. USA hockey game on February 21st.

Looking at the tournament of course there are favorites to win, but since it's not based on series' like the Stanley Cup, there could always be surprises. Having one bad game, or one team having a lights out goaltender can change anything when you need to win every single game (you can, at most, lose one in the preliminary round and still take home gold). I am excited to be able to be a part of the tournament as it will be a once in a lifetime experience. I'll be seeing a mix of countries (some game I don't know who is playing because they are based on the standings of the preliminary games) and of course will be rooting for my home team. After all this Olympic stuff is over, when I'll be severly sleep deprived, we'll jump right back into NHL hockey and trade deadline day.