Since Ryan Getzlaf has a day-to-day ankle sprain, Team Canada's Steve Yzerman has told Jeff Carter to be ready and be prepared to travel to Vancouver on Sunday in case Getzlaf isn't ready to play.

Of course this has elicited a reaction from Lightning fans or media as they believe that Steven Stamkos and Martin St. Louis should have gotten the call instead. Apparently I am in the minority of Lightning fans (maybe the only one) who believes that Carter was the logical choice as it had already been decided by the Team Canada management at the end of December that Carter was considered the 14th forward.

I've already fleshed out whey I think St. Louis wouldn't be called and as far as Stamkos goes, it seems that his age and lack of time in the NHL hasn't allowed him to demonstrate that he's ready to get a spot over Canada's other superstars. If they didn't think he was the 14th foward at the end of December during the roster announcement, it's unlikely 1 month of play has changed their minds. He's like Crosby and the 2006 Olympics, though Crosby played well from the beginning of his season and got passed over as he had not played a full season yet. Too bad Stamkos didn't have a better rookie season (not just a good finish) as that would have factored in how Team Canada evaluated his play. All this Stamkos stuff started heating up after Mike Brophy of Sportsnet wrote on Monday about how Team Canada was making a mistake about not having Stamkos on the team. Some days Lightning fans embrace the Canadian media, and some days they think the opposite.

In the end, the amount of depth that Team Canada has available is the reason that there is even a debate going on about two very good hockey players.