Lots to catch up on at The Hockey Bay blog, so let's get a quick recap of what has happened, and after today's game I'll get some season review thoughts in.

Lightning against the Senators

OMG the Lightning won! After blowing 3-0 lead, the Lightning were able to win the the shootout which really doesn't help our lottery pick standing at this time of the year.

Highlight of the night goes to the Mike Smith v. Chris Neil fight:

Goalie fights are awesomesauce. It's too bad Smitty can't attack pucks the way he attacks Chris Neil

Lightning against the Panthers (Saturday)

In the first of the home at home games between the two clubs where the point of the games is to end up with no points, the Lightning wins the game 4-3.

The only story of the night was Stamkos getting his 49th and (!) 50th goal!

Here's #50:

Lightning against the Panthers (Sunday)

So todays game is hte last game of the season, Stamkos is tied with Ovechkin in the race for the Rocket Richard trophy with Crosby right behind at 49. By the time the puck drops tonight, Stamkos will know how many Ovechkin has gotten and will be up against Crosby as both the TBL and Pittsburgh game starts at the same time. Nothing to play for tonight except Stamkos getting goals...Woo Stamkos!